Your Local Soft House Washing Experts

Experience why homeowners in Windsor trust Thunder Spray for safe, efficient, and spotless exterior home cleaning & more!

owner operated soft house washing company in windsor

Your Local Soft House Washing Experts

Experience why homeowners in Windsor trust Thunder Spray for safe, efficient, and spotless exterior home cleaning & more!

We had Thunder spray come and wash our house. We had the north wall of white siding that was green with algae. He came and washed our house and not only is that side all white and clean, but our whole house is clean including our windows.

Cathy Meloche
5 star house washing review from a windsor homeonwer

Expert Soft House Washing for Windsor & Essex Homes

When your house or commercial property is looking filthy and spiders are taking over, you can trust the professionals at Thunder Spray to provide you with the best exterior home cleaning services. Whether you’re looking for pressure washing, spider control, concrete cleaning, deck restorations, or more for your home, we have you covered. We use industrial truck-mounted equipment to ensure spotless cleaning for your home, and we provide a 100% money-back guarantee for our services.

Looking for our commercial washing services? Check out our commercial washing section!

Thunder Spray Inc., Pressure Washing, Windsor, ON

Money-Back Guaranteed

At Thunder Spray, we stand by our work. We offer a money-back guarantee on our services up to $1,000. We will walk through the job with you to ensure you are satisfied with the end result.

House cleaning before and after

Soft House Washing

  • Do you have green algae, mold, spider webs, or spider droppings that are invading your home?
  • Or maybe your home is covered with dust and dirt?
  • Are you thinking about selling your home?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our soft house wash is what you need. Our proven low-pressure soft wash is effective in any of the above situations. 2000+ PSI can do damage to your home, which is why we use a soft washing process. We leverage the benefits of our biodegradable industrial detergents. Not only do we use low pressure, but our detergent will actually kill the green algae slowing future growth.

We can wash any of the following:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Aluminum Siding
  • James Hardie Board
  • Soffits & Fascias

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Very well organized. Professional employees. Very satisfied with the job!

Sheila B.
5 star house washing review from a windsor homeonwer
Concrete cleaning before and after

Concrete Cleaning

  • Do you have a cement driveway, patio, or sidewalk that’s starting to show its age?
  • Do you have black spots or black film all over your cement?
  • Do you have oils or rust spots?
  • Do you have stains from trees?
  • Is your cement green and being invaded by algae?

If you've answered yes to any of the above statements then we have a solution for you. Here at Thunder Spray we have a specific treatment to treat your concrete. We always start off by applying our biodegradable detergent to the concrete which helps with the cleaning process. Our cleaner will kill anything organic (moss and algae) and help prevent future growth. Our detergent also works very well for any grease or oil. We also have the ability to use heat so that we can release and pull more oil stains from your concrete. If you have got stains on your concrete we have another product to help with its removal.

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You guys did an unbelievable job on the house, deck and fence area. We could not believe the difference from the before and after comparison. Everything looked brand new and just sparkled!

Nadia Ingratta
5 star exterior home cleaning review
Deck cleaning before and after

Deck Restoration

  • Is your deck looking like it needs to be replaced?
  • Are your boards dark in color — or maybe they have some green algae on them?
  • Are you ready to stain your deck but just need a good wash first?

We've been washing old and new decks throughout homes in Windsor Essex for years! We have proven methods that help bring the life back to your old aged deck. We'll take a stained, blotched deck that you're embarrassed to show your friends — to a shining, clean deck that you can't wait to show off to anyone that visits.

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I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the job Andrew did on my pressure treated deck. It is 12 years old and now looks brand new. I highly recommend him and his services.

R. Hebes
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window cleaning a home in windsor

Window Washing (Exterior Only)

  • Are your windows looking dull & dirty?
  • Can you see your reflection when looking into them?
  • Has spider spray left you feeling a little "streaky?"
  • Have birds attacked your windows or left their poop behind on them?

We'll wash your windows right after your house wash or spider spray. We use purified water which is guaranteed to dry completely spot free! We wash 30' tall windows safely from the ground. By the time we're done, your windows will look see-through and give you the most beautiful view from the comfort of your home.

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Employed this company to pressure wash my mom’s house, porch and sidewalk. Phenomenal job especially on the cement that was 50 years old—what an improvement! My 88 year old mom was happy with the work and said the workers were very polite and courteous. Happy that I picked this company and would highly recommend them.

Rebecca W.
deck washing review in windsor ontario
gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

  • Are your gutters overflowing?
  • Are your downspouts clogged?
  • Do you have trees growing from your gutters?
  • Will an excess of water hitting the foundation of your home penetrate your basement walls?
  • Do your gutters have black streaks?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, we have the solution for you. Thunder Spray will come out and remove any debris from your gutters or downspouts. We will remove any debris and follow up with a high volume flush to ensure proper drainage.

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We had Thunder Spray out to clean our gutters, dryer vent and house washing and we were extremely happy with the service. Not only were they quick to respond to our inquiry for an estimate and explained everything they would be doing but the pricing was very reasonable for the quality of work and service provided. I would highly recommend them and I will be a repeat customer.

deck washing review in windsor ontario
spider control and prevention in windsor

Spider Spray

  • Are spiders and their leavings taking over your home?
  • Do you live by the water?
  • Do you want your home to stay clean longer?
  • Would you like to enjoy sitting on your deck by your pool without constant visitors that like to bite and scare people?

When you're fed up of running into spiders running across your floors and scaring you when you least expect it, we can help. We always recommend a treatment in the spring and again in the fall. Usually, we come out for the initial cleaning, and within a day or two, we follow up with a spider prevention treatment. After, we recommend a window cleaning for a complete clean. Ask us about a package pricing!

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Excellent work. My deck is almost 20 years old and it looks like they installed a new deck. Very pleased with this company.

Joe Harvey
deck washing review in windsor ontario

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Every time you dry your clothes, not only could you be wasting time & losing money due to an inefficient dryer — but you could be unknowingly putting your house and family at risk. Every year, more than 15,000 homes catch on fire. 70% of those fires start due to a clogged dryer vent. When your dryer vent system can’t exhaust properly, it overheats and can easily catch fire. Don't put your home and family at risk — hire us to professionally clean your dryer vents so you have the peace of mind knowing your home is safe! 

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Very clean, very professional and great company all around. Thank you

Jordan B.
deck washing review in windsor ontario

Commercial Washing

Are you a business looking to improve the look of your property? Check out our commercial washing services below: 

storefront concrete cleaning in windsor

Storefront Concrete Cleaning

Don't make a bad first impression with dirty concrete. At Thunder Spray, we use hot water to remove all the bubble gum and other gunk that's been plastered onto your concrete over the years. We'll also clean up those pesky dark stains to leave your concrete looking new again.

warehouse cleaning in windsor

Warehouse Cleaning

All that dust on the inside of your warehouse? Thunder Spray can wash it all away. The years of stains on your floor? We'll give those can deep clean these with pressure and hot water. Keeping the dust down in your warehouse will make sure it's comfortable and clean.

bar patio washing in windsor

Bar Patio Washing

Just like with our storefront cleaning, we use our heated water to remove bubble gum and other unwanted marks right out of your concrete. With our high-pressure surface cleaner and detergent, we'll wash away years of foot traffic stains so your patio looks like it was freshly installed.

Other Services

  • Low Pressure Roof Cleaning
  • Gutter Whitening
  • Interlocking Bricks: Washing, Re-sanding, and Sealing
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Rust Treatment
  • Bubble gum removal

Licensed and Insured

Work with professionals. Thunder Spray protects you and your home with up to $2 million in liability insurance. Enjoy peace of mind while we clean your home!

Why Homeowners Trust Thunder Spray

andrew johns founder of thunder spray

Unlike many of our competitors, we’re a small team that provides that long-lost personal touch in the service business. We’re licensed, bonded, insured, and offer an unmatched money-back guarantee. We're proud of our perfect 5-star average rating on Google that we've earned from providing you and your neighbors with the best quality of service every time.

Thunder Spray has been in business for 5 years and has served nearly 1,000 homeowners in Windsor and nearby cities in Ontario. We’re always improving our process and equipment, attending the Huge Convention every year to learn about new technologies and better ways to run a service business. Our dedication to improving all aspects of our business helps us provide you with the 5-star quality of work and customer service that you deserve.

Thunder Spray Inc. made it to Windsor Business magazine for the month of January 2019! The article talks about soft washing of green algae often found on the north side of homes sheltered from the sun. Soft washing is super effective cleaning up the mess from spiders and fish flies alike. While this process is fairly new to Canada, it is proven to be much safer on your homes exterior while being more effective. You can view the article below, the article starts on the front page and is continued on page four.

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