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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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How often do you dry your clothes? With the constant use of your dryer, your dryer vent sees a lot of lint and other debris. This is why cleaning your dryer vent is important. A dirty dryer leads to you wasting time and losing money because of the inefficiency of your dryer, but our Thunder Spray professionals will clean your dryer vent and bring the efficiency back to your dryer.

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Why Do I Need My Dryer Vent Cleaned?

A large part of your life revolves around drying clothes, linens, and bedding. Many residential dryers are operated between two to 10 times a week and a lot of lint is collected in that time. With the collected lint and other debris, this can begin to start a lot of problems, but if it is professionally cleaned, you will begin to see the difference in the drying of your clothes.

  • Dryer Fires Are Reduced – If your dryer vent is left unclean, it is at risk of catching fire and possibly burning the entire house down.
  • Reduces the Wear and Tear on Your Dryer – The dirtier your dryer vent is, the harder your dryer has to work to dry clothes. It is best to have your dryer vent cleaned so that your dryer does not have to work as hard to dry your clothes.
  • Eliminates the Risk of Carbon Monoxide – If you are using a gas dryer, it is important to clean the dryer vent to eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A clogged dryer vent on a gas dryer could release carbon monoxide into the home.
  • Saves Energy – Extra energy is being used every time the dryer is used while it is clogged. A clean vent will save money on your energy bill.
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